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Show Up, Do Work

Author: Tom T.

My mantra, credo, motto (or any other fancy word for catch phrase): Show Up, Do Work!

With no particular workout system, plan or style that I subscribe to I like to blend many different ideas. This is not to say that I have not tried many (and I mean many) plans. Every time I try a new program I tend to take the positive aspects and incorporate it into my own workouts. Rather than use any particular plan, I draft a workout schedule for the week with a general idea of what I want to accomplish. I wait until that day of to finalize my workout. I am a firm believer in strength training in combination with cardio workouts.

Find below the posts that have included workout plans. Also, I have linked other pages and post that I have found helpful for exercise ideas.


Total Body 4 week - Back to Basics - workout

Resistance Band and Body Weight Workouts

Treadmill Workouts

Here are my Top 5 Weekly Must-Dos - This is more of a general idea of what I strive to get into my workouts each week.

The Star Wars Workout: Jedi Training 101 from Nerd Fitness

Deck of Cards Workout from Katie at Talk Less Say More

Just so ya know there was no compensation to me for linking these pages. But, Lance, if you want to share some of that sweet, sweet endorsement money I’m not going to turn it down, just think it over you don’t have to answer now.

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