Regular Healthy Competition

The List

If you get bored here have a moment to pull yourself away from this blog here is what I am reading.


I really only read two blogs directly related to sports. Blogs dedicated to specific teams get a little bit obsessive and fanatical for my tastes.

Sports Illustrated Hot Clicks
Sports on Earth
Mizfit Online
Mark's Daily Apple
In it for the long Run
Iowa Girl Eats
Iowa Girl Eats
Damn Delicious
Damn Delicious
Iowa Girl Eats

I was not paid to link to any of these pages, in fact I don’t think any of these people know I linked to their pages. Hope they don’t get mad at me and start a blog war, not sure I’m prepared for that. I just like to read what these people have to say, no incentive to me but if they wanted to pay me I sure would take the money…any takers?

My Name is Tom T.

Hi, I'm Tom T. Here you will get a little fitness, a few recipes and a healthy dose of competition. I work a corporate job, have a family and love to compete in adult rec league hockey. This blog keeps me honest as I strive to be healthy.