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July 14, 2014

Tom T.

The Week That Was

Happy 4th of July Week! Hope you all have the day off on Friday and can find something healthy to start your day off with. Like a nice Independence Day 5K. It will get you out of bed early and get your blood you can help offset some of that grilled deliciousness you are going to eat later in the day.

Weekend Happenings

It was a low key weekend for me. Finally a weekend with no parties, no races, no weddings...just some quality time with the fam. A significant amount of time was spent at the pool, where yes, I did train in the lap pool on both Friday and Sunday evening. Saturday morning I was set to do a training triathlon with these guys.

End of the Bike Race

But the massive amounts of rain this week caused the beach and swim area to be closed. We settled for a bike ride and run instead. Wow that is not a good picture of me in my bike helmet post ride, but the good with the bad I guess.

During the Race Wearing My Helmet


Instead of my usual Monday-I-did-this, Tuesday-I-did-that...I am going to talk about some new workouts I tried this week.

The first was brick training. It combines riding (your bike or a stationary bike) and running in one workout. I am going to spare you the details here because it was the subject of the last Finish-Your-Workout-Friday post. If you have a bike (or a gym membership with access to a stationary bike) you should try this at least once it is a great change of pace.

Swimming practice. I was never in any sort of organized swimming program other than some basic swim classes when I was a kid. Looking to improve my swimming ability I came across some triathlon training programs. Swimming was presented in short distance increments. Starting off you swim 8 lengths (25 meters) of the pool with rest in between. Followed by 100 meters without stopping. Followed by sprinting the length of the pool 4 times with rest in between each. To those of you who are swimmers out there this probably seems pretty basic stuff. For me, who was just trying not to drown in the swimming leg of the triathlon it was a complete adjustment to how I was training in the water. So, here is the first weeks worth of swimming practice from the triathlon training guide I am using:

  • Day 1 : 8 x 25 meters (swim easy with 30 seconds rest in between); 100 meter (swim easy); 4 x 25 meter sprints (rest 30 seconds between each)
  • Day 2 : rest (from swimming at least, go run or weight train or ride)
  • Day 3 : 4 x 100 meter (rest 30 seconds in between)
  • Day 4 : rest (enjoy another workout, just not swimming today)
  • Day 5 : 8 x 50 meters (typical 30 second rest)
  • Day 6 : 2 x 200 meters (rest one minute in between)
  • Day 7: rest (from all workouts not just swimming this time)

Descending ladders. This training method came from my search to improve my 5k times. You start with a run distance such as a mile. After the mile you do 3/4 mile. Then half mile...finishing with a quarter mile. Shorter distances normally get done at a faster pace because, you guessed it, the distance is shorter. But having done the longer distances at the beginning has fatigued your body. The concept is to teach your body to run faster as you get tired. At least faster than you would be accustom to when you are tired.

  • Run a mile (record your time) and rest about a minute
  • Run 3/4 mile (record your time) and rest about a minute
  • Run 1/2 mile (record your time) and rest about a minute
  • Run 1/4 mile (record your time)

A running app on your phone is a great tool here. You can just start running and it will give you updates every 1/4 mile (if you set it that way in your settings). The app also records your time and your pace. Hopefully your pace gets quicker as the distance gets shorter.

Reading and Writing

Only two posts for me over the past week. I'm a slacker, I know. My recent (and first ever) triathlon was the subject of the first post and the aforementioned brick training the subject of the second.

One of my favorite reads each week is Nerd Fitness. Steve hit it out of the park with this post: What you need to know about P90X, Insanity, Weight Watchers, Cleanses and Nutrisystem. It is a pros and cons breakdown of the most popular fitness and weight loss trends right now. While I love P90X I could not agree more with his analysis of the program. Without the time and daily dedication the program does not work. His comment about missing a day or two and falling off the wagon is spot on. His criticisms of the other programs (especially Nutrisystem) are harsh but rooted in reality.

The Plan

It is a short week but I am going to try to make it a healthy one.

  • Monday (already completed) - descending ladder run
  • Tuesday - morning bike ride, softball game (if there isn't rain) and hockey game
  • Wednesday - morning brick training, afternoon weight lifting (maybe)
  • Thursday - pool time for some swimming practice
  • Friday - 5k race - 35 Annual Run Through the Hills
  • Saturday - Practice triathlon or long bike ride
  • Sunday - pool time again for some more swimming practice.

This is all subject to change because of weather or other holiday plans that my wife has scheduled and I either was not told about or was not listening when I was told about them (probably the later).

One Last Thing...

New swimming goggles! Cannot wait to try these out. I know it is goofy, but little things can motivate too, right?

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