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Who is the Captain?

About Tom T.

I'm Tom T. (a.k.a. Captain Competition) I work a 9 to 5, have a family and try to find time for fitness. What I truly enjoy is a little Competition. Enjoying a good bite to eat is a passion as well.

My Story

I grew up playing sports including three years of high school basketball and four years of high school baseball. At the age of 16 I was introduced to hockey and fell in love with it. Without any coaching or experience playing I jumped right into the local adult league.

During college I became a server and bartender. With few other job prospects I continued in the restaurant industry a few years after I graduated. In my mid-late 20s, not having exercised or played sports for almost three years, I had really packed on the pounds. Like most people who gain weight I did so gradually and without notice. I had gone from 175# (in high school) to over 250#. This additional weight became an issue when I began playing hockey once again. It was the first time my weight had effected my life in a noticeable way.

I was too fat!
Big Boy - Need to Lose Weight

Recognizing I needed to lose some weight my soon-to-be-wife signed us up to join a gym. Together over the next two years we spent four or five evenings a week at the rec center. A combination of cardio torture machines (treadmill, row machine, elliptical and stationary bike), weight training and Saturday morning boot camps did the trick. By the time I was 29 my weight was back down to 200#. I was married that summer and have been living a healthier life ever since.

Now days I run, weight train, do “the yoga”, chase my young daughter and play softball and hockey to stay fit. I have maintained 200# for several years now into my mid-thirties.

What's in a name...Regular Healthy Competition


Working a 9 to 5, having a family, living in suburbia...what could be more regular (normal)? Regular fitness has been key to living a happy, healthy lifestyle.


This is pretty self explanatory. Sensible eating and fitness have lead to a healthy (healthier) existence. Healthy competition drives me to be a little bit better every day.


This is pretty self explanatory. Sensible eating and fitness have lead to a healthy (healthier) existence. Healthy competition drives me to be a little bit better every day.

Ask those who know me if I’m competitive, see what they say. I have been dubbed ‘Captain Competition‘ by my friends. As I have gotten older I have begun to realize that you don’t have to win every time or at all costs. But still, if you are keeping score isn’t the goal to win?

This is my adventure with food, fitness and adult amateur sports. Hope you enjoy the read.

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My Name is Tom T.

Hi, I'm Tom T. Here you will get a little fitness, a few recipes and a healthy dose of competition. I work a corporate job, have a family and love to compete in adult rec league hockey. This blog keeps me honest as I strive to be healthy.